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Best ways to save a bottle of wine after its opened

Best ways to save a bottle of wine after its opened

It is absolutely normal to open a bottle of wine if you only plan on drinking a single glass. Or maybe after a romantic dinner you notice that you still have some wine in the bottle that you’re not going to drink right away. What are you going to do ? You’re not gonna throw away the bottle and you’re not gonna let it spoil because once you open a bottle of wine the wine has the tendency to dry out.

So, this situation poses the question: how to keep the wine fresh for a few days after you opened the bottle ? Happily, there are a few ways to keep a bottle of wine fresh after its opened.

Light, heat and oxygen spoil the wine

Before we get started we must consider the fact that in order to enjoy the full potential of a wine, regardless if it’s white wine, red white, rose or sparkling wine, we must store it properly regardless if the bottle is opened or not.

Oxygen can transform our favorite wine into vinegar so if you still have some wine in the bottle make sure you sealed it shut and stored it into a cold place ( in the fridge to be preferred ). Also, too much light, even if it’s artificial, can alter the taste of the wine.

So, here are some tips that you can use to properly save a bottle of wine:

  1. Store your wine bottles vertically so that the surface that makes contact with the oxygen can be smaller.
  2. An opened bottle of wine is stored in a fridge or in a cold and dark place.
  3. Use a special device, such as the ones below:

Vacuum pump

This pump can help us remove all oxygen from the bottle and this can help you save the wine for a few extra days.


Coravin is a very popular brand that provides a device with the help of which we can extract wine from the bottle without having to actually open it.

Silicone stoppers

If you have a bit of wine left in the bottle and you no longer have the cork, the most accessible alternative is the silicone stopper. This type of stopper can be used to seal a bottle of wine so that the wine can be consumed even after a few days.

Bottom line

If we open a bottle of wine and there is wine left in the bottle, first we’re going to store it in a cold place but bot before using a vacuum pump to remove the oxygen from the bottle. The price of such a device is very low and it’s so worth it. However, if we have a more expensive bottle of wine we might consider using a Coravin device.

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